Roll On Jade

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BENEFITS OF MASSAGE: Gua Sha means 'scraping the sand' in Traditional Chinese Medicine, i.e. eliminating, and bringing to the surface the cold stagnations, responsible for the illnesses of the body. Massaging helps to boost microcirculation and eliminate all toxins. To loosen and break up fat. And to deeply stimulate certain areas of the body that tend to store fat and be less firm.

BENEFITS OF CRYSTAL QUARTZ: It is the stone of light, energy, regeneration and strength. It helps oxygenate the cells.

IMPORTANT: 100% natural stones (not chemically treated)
ethically sourced in Brazil. 


Use 1-5 minutes after showering with a natural firming oil applied beforehand.  

1. Start with the calves from the ankle to the knee, all the way up the leg.

2. Then move from the knee up the thigh in straight lines, and around the leg on the way up.

3. Move to the belly, starting from the navel and working downwards in a quicker and more intense grid pattern.

4. You can then move on to the arms and the rest of the body such as the back, trapezius and shoulders.

CLEANING: Before first use and every 2-3 days. Clean with
clean water and soap the parts in contact with the skin. Let it dry and return to its case.

DIMENSIONS AND COMPOSITION: 12.5 x 6.5cm. Made from 100% natural, untreated fine Crystal Quartz stone, ethically sourced in Brazil.

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