Born from the love of nature.

A collection of truly natural and effective Allround Sunscreens - Mineral UV-filters only • Minimally whitening to transparent • Body & face protection and Sports Sunscreens - Very water-resistant • Visible zinc protection • Extremely long-lasting.

Award-winning, certified natural cosmetics that just work. Our philosophy is simple. We only use ingredients that are proven safe for people and nature. That's what we call worry-free.

SunTribe was started in Sweden by the three outdoor-loving friends: Karl, Hampus and Julia. 

Our mission is to contribute to change. That's why we make worry-free natural sunscreens which are 100% free from synthetic chemicals and questionable ingredients. Just like it should be.

We believe in happy natural sunscreens with no question marks attached, for us and everyone else – adrenaline-seeking surfers, laid-back beachgoers, kids, working moms, grandpas, grandmas and weekend hikers. Putting natural products on your skin should not be only for a select few, it’s for everyone.