Detox your skin with natural skin care products

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Natural skincare is super popular these days and that is awesome. But many natural products are actually not so natural and healthy for the skin. In this video, I share some of my thoughts and ideas for a real natural skincare regime.

Many years ago I started using natural cosmetics because I didn't want to pay for creams with chemicals and petroleum and other crazy ingredients. More recently, as I became more sensitive (in a good way), I also became even more aware and careful with what I put on my skin. I found out that many high-quality natural products are actually not so natural or healthy for the skin. I was so disappointed!🥀🌹🐾

I will come back to this topic in future videos, as there is so much to say, and I love to talk about it. This one is just a short introduction to the topic. Hope you enjoy it!🌱✨

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  • I’m using only natural cosmetics for about 30 years, mostly shampoo and other simple “men’s stuff”…;-) ok, I need to look at glycerine and alcohol when I choose natural cosmetics, I was not aware that these are not good either….

    but out of curiosity what “famous” big brands put into their skin care products, I went to see now and tried to find out how harmful they are, and I’m honestly shocked, what they put into their products and are perceived as successful!

    so I checked L’Oreal “skin perfection creme”:, and look at all these nice chemicals that so many people still put on their skin…:-(

    in order of amounts (explanation in brackets taken from 1. water 2.glycerine 3. PROPYLENE GLYCOL (an alcohol) 4. ETHYLHEXYL METHOXYCINNAMATE (linked to endocrine disruption by an abundance of data, as well as to reproductive toxicity. Researchers have detected this chemical in breast milk, urine, and blood.) 5.CYCLOHEXASILOXANE (Many siloxanes are persistent in the environment, and some are being evaluated by the European Union to potentially be classified as Persistent-Bioaccumulative-Toxic. ) 6. OCTYLDODECANOL (another alcohol) …. check for your own cosmetics at

    Philippe am

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