Natural and eco-friendly oral care routine

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My dental care routine, with a focus on reducing inflammation and taking extra good care of my gums and teeth. I only super clean ingredients, because what goes in the mouth, goes inside the body too. I also speak about my experience with mercury fillings and its problems.

Dental Hygiene Steps start at 9:50: 1. Salt rinse 2. Scraping tongue 3. Brushing gums with a soft dry brush (1-2 minutes) 4. Polishing teeth with round electric bush (1-2 minutes) 5. Flossing 6. Mouth rinse My favourite oral care products

I only use bicarbonate of soda directly in my teeth 1-2 times a week. This is because bicarbonate of soda can scratch the outer layer of the teeth and after some years, the yellow dentin layer underneath starts to show, which means we can end up with yellow teeth and nothing can be done about it. Conventional toothpaste has much stronger abrasives and causes more damage.


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