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We’ve heard this many times – 72% of the body is water. And another 12% is earth. Another 6% is air. Another 4% is fire. The remaining 6% is space. If we know how to keep the first 4 elements well, then our well-being, health and longevity can be enhanced. And if we just control the waters in the system, great things will happen. Again remember, 72% of the body is water – that’s huge! And this body is just a product of this planet. 72% of the Earth itself is also water.

Today, modern science has recognised that water has memory

If you give it a positive thought or a negative thought, a positive emotion or a negative emotion, it actually remembers. You might have heard of the pioneering research on the role of water in our lives from Masaru Emoto, who claimed to have found evidence that water actually has memory. In his experiments, published in the book The Hidden Messages of Water, he documents exposing water drops to music, prayer, and phrases of love and gratitude as well as anger and hatred.

He observed surprising variations in the crystals formed by the frozen water based on what the water had been exposed to. While the validity and implications of Emoto’s research continues to be debated, it remains clear that there is something special about water that goes far beyond our current understanding.

Because water has memory, in ancient cultures and still today in certain parts of the world, people always keep the water in a ceramic (clay) or metallic (mostly copper) container and leave it preferably overnight or at least for four hours. Then only the water can be drunk.

If water is being violently pumped and is travelling to your house through many turns in lead or plastic pipes, with all these bends and turns, much negativity happens to the water. The chemical structure will not change, but the molecular structure will change. But while water has memory, it also has a way of unfolding itself back into its original state. If you just leave this tap water undisturbed for an hour, the negativity will undo itself (more time is better but if you only have an hour, it is ok). If you’re using bottled water, just transfer it to a container made of natural materials and let it stay there for some hours.

The way you drink water is very, very important

Just constantly drinking water has many wrong things happening in the system. If you drink a certain volume of water at once, the body will determine how much to absorb and how much not, but if you sip it constantly, the body will get confused and start absorbing more than it should.

You can get better results for your body by ditching the water bottle for now and instead, drinking water just a few times per day when you feel thirsty. If you’re not thirsty and you don’t drink water, nothing wrong will happen to you. Only in western countries, people are continuously sipping water all day, even if not thirsty and it's cold outside, because of the marketing campaigns from the water companies.

Nobody needs to drink water just because they think it’s a good thing to do

When you feel thirsty you simply drink water and just to ensure you’re drinking enough, drink 10% more than what you need just to make certain your water reserves are filled up. At the same time when you’re thirsty, if you don’t drink, it will cause damage to the system, especially to the heart. When we talk about water, it’s not only the liquid water we’re referring to, but high water content foods – a fruit is nearly 90% water, vegetables are over 70% water. When you consume food, at least it must be levelled to the water content of our bodies. This is why fruits and vegetables should be a big part of your diet.


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