The Rise of Low Consumerism

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One of my passions is low consumerism – consuming only high-quality products, with little environmental impact, that I need and delight in using. That applies to most items I own, from clothes to furniture, and of course natural skin, hair and dental care. Am I always flawless? Of course not, but I consume more consciously than ever before and feel much better for it. Having fewer possessions brings me more peace and appreciation for what I own.


Right now, I mostly consume products that are high quality, ecological, last long and are kind to all involved in the production and distribution of it.It was certainly not always like this, but with time and a little awareness, my shopping compulsions started to be a thing of the past.

Nowadays I still love shopping, and I ask some questions to myself before I buy any new item (not always, but most of the times):  ️

  • Will this item enhance my life?
  • Is it a joy to use it?
  • Was it produced with respect for the planet and people?
  • How long will the item last?
  • Are the materials natural, high quality and kind to my skin, body, mind, my whole being?
  • Is the company small and eco-sustainable?

Rose Creme Living Libations


As for beauty care, we consume an enormous number of cosmetics, mostly, packed in plastic. Most of them are made from synthetics, petroleum and other unpleasant, unhealthy ingredients that we insist on putting on your skin, day in, day out. Most products are of very low quality, made with cheap ingredients, packed in fancy bottles and backed up with a huge marketing campaign to convince us they’re the best skin care money can buy.  They’re not!

It’s essential to be conscious when shopping for skin care, as with any other items we purchase. Skin products get into your bloodstream – if you care for what you eat, it’s good to care about what you put on your skin too, because absorption through the skin is much higher and faster than through the digestive system. The skin thrives on natural ingredients. There is no need for synthetics, alcohol and other questionable ingredients.



I don’t want to promote reckless consumerism, even if I own a shop, or perhaps exactly because of that. What I’m interested in is moving from compulsive shopping to conscious shopping.

There is no guilt involved in any of what I’m saying here, but there’s an urgency to reduce what we consume and instead focus on the QUALITY of what we consume. If you’re anything like me and love trying all the new eco products out there, it’s important to remember to buy products that bring well-being to all involved, us, producers and the planet. Focus on products with the lowest impact on our blue planet   There are so many excellent, effective and beautiful skin care products out there today to choose.



Radiant Beauty Shop offers 100% natural organic cosmetics that have a low impact on the planet, some are 100% plastic-free, others have minimal plastic; they last a very long time, making it very cost-effective. And of course, all are extremely safe and beneficial for your skin, body and mind and an absolute pleasure to use.   ️

I’m curious - what has been your favourite change to a more eco-sustainable lifestyle recently? What are your main obstacles when trying to shop more consciously? We can all learn from each other so much.



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