Reusable Organic Hemp Face Cloth - Big Size

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Our Organic Hemp Face Cloth is super soft, yet with the perfect amount of texture for incredibly smooth skin. The thick, fleece-like fabric glides over sensitive skin like soft pillows caressing every pore. Use this flat-weave design for deep, gentle oil cleansing with any of our Best Skin Evers Cleansers.

Organic hemp is perfect for sensitive skin because it prevents abrasions. Fully remove makeup, dirt and residue without damaging delicate skin layers or exposing your skin to harsh dyes and chemicals. 

Size: 27cmx30cm

Caring for your Cloth

Please note that because our Organic Hemp Face Cloths are natural, organic and free of chemical stain removers, staining may show after use. The cloths can simply be washed with natural laundry soap. To wash away stains treat your Organic Hemp Face Cloth with an all-natural stain remover before washing it.

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