Beauty and Well-Being Resources

Over the past two decades I've been experimenting with several natural beauty and well being products, tools and services, as part of my healing journey into wholeness.

In that process, I've come across a big variety of helpful herbs, foods, gadgets, protocols, people, meditations, etc. I've been sharing them with friends and clients, and now want to extend them to everyone who is interested in the highest quality products. Having worked in the field of beauty, health and wellness for the past 2 decades and having positively transformed my own health, I know how to identify good quality products and services at fair prices. Sustainability, honesty and social good are of utmost importance to me too. I go to great lengths and research extensively to find the best of the best, for reasonable prices. I'm putting this knowledge at your disposal.

I share them here with the intention to help you find the resources that fit your own individual healing journey.

Some of the links are affiliates, which means I might earn a small commission. This doesn't affect the price you pay. In fact, in many cases, a discount is offered to you too.