Most of us accept that good oral hygiene involves cleaning our teeth daily. But what we don’t always consider is the effect of ingesting the synthetic chemicals often found in commercial products.

It all started with one questions...
Are all these synthetic chemicals used in conventional oral care really necessary? Research showed us that nature already offers us everything we need to look after our oral health. By ensuring that our ingredients are pure and of the highest quality, we are able to create effective products that not only support healthy teeth but also support a healthy environment.

How Georganics was born
Alessandro began to formulate his own toothpaste to for his and friends own use. Soon he was offer to supply his local farmer’s market in Crystal Palace in 2014, when he then founded the brand. Charles, being an existing customers, joined Georganics in 2017 leaving the banking world to a more ethical business. Today we’ve grown into one of Europe’s most trusted brand of genuinely natural oral care.



Actually natural
Not all ‘natural’ toothpastes are what they claim to be. Many still use synthetic ingredients like SLS and Triclosan – nasties that we end up ingesting. We only use pure, natural and organic ingredients for all our products. This means that we are able to look you straight in the eye when we tell you that this is oral care done naturally.

All our products are hand-crafted in small batches. They are made from natural ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible. Also, our packaging is designed to produce no waste – so no clogging up landfill sites with pollutants. This way, you can take care of your oral hygiene safe in the knowledge that you are doing good by the planet.

All our ingredients are ethically sourced and organic or food grade where possible. There’s certainly no animal testing. Our products are suitable for vegans, and as you’d expect our environmental footprint is low. Our sense of fairness also stretches beyond our products, as we are proud to be a living wage employer.