Healing Journey

My healing journey

My healing journey began when at 30 years old  – I was diagnosed with an illness that would be simple to cure with an operation and medical treatments, but was not – a uterine fibroid myoma. Things became more complicated, I spent months in hospitals and with doctors, the operations and treatments had no results.

And so slowly, I was led to a new way of looking at the illness, as if my body wanted to awaken me to a new way of being in life; a more conscious way of living. And so it was – whilst hospitalized, I began to hear the whispers of my body – become vegetarian, it said; rest more, don’t drink so much alcohol; put aside what other people think of you; be more gentle with yourself and the world; cry, show yourself; you have wounds within, we will cure them. Stop smoking, leave your native city, go and study yoga far from here, leave your loyal circle of friends and family and go adventure into Portugal, discover new ways of living, discover an Ilanta that you do not know, that lives within you.

Had it not been this awakening, I would now still have the same life-style as then, that was taking me to no place of true happiness; it was all false although on the outside everything appeared beautiful, easy and interesting.

Upon awakening from my third surgical operation, I felt a presence I had never noticed before – now I have a better understanding – the divine spoke to me, my inner knowing, unequivocal, unavoidable, took over me. This feeling of peace changed me forever.

In the years that followed, I experimented many things and deepened old passions – aromatherapy, yoga, plants and healthy diets, detoxes and reconnection with the universal energy. I began to work and be guided by a spiritual master who having attained the freedom and enlightenment that I aspired to, guides me until this day, step by step, to a more conscious, harmonious, truthful and happy life.

I left the country, traveled and lived in many different countries in Europe, in communities, with friends, with boyfriends, in ashrams. I deepened my passion of cleaning the body, mind, emotions and spirit – always guided by my outer master and my inner master, my innate wisdom.

As I deepened my knowledge of my body, I created a company of superfoods and medicinal herbs in Switzerland, one of the first in Europe which still exists today but of which I am no longer the owner.

I always wanted to be part of the new generation of entrepreneurs that connect heart, dedication, serving others and humanity to entrepreneurship – the so called sacred commerce and I learned much about superfoods, plants, supplements, as well as what it is like to create and maintain a company made with energy from the heart.

During the years and with accumulated experience, many other sicknesses revealed themselves as my body detoxed. I learnt a lot with my own body, which I consider to be a kind of experimental laboratory 🙂

And people around me and company clients began to ask for advice. And I shared what I knew without hesitation.

At 40 so years, life made an extraordinary turn. The body failed. The muscles lost strength, I was unable to walk, sometimes not even able to bathe or cut vegetables to make my own food. The headaches were agonizing; I would many times lose sight of time and space, forgetting so many things, the brain stopped functioning normally. Tremors, tingling, numbness in the arms, in the head and then throughout the body. I was unable to digest food and began to be constipated and have intense stomach pain. The vision deteriorated, my eyes hurt, experienced much sensitivity to light, and was not able to look at the computer for more than 2 hours. I stopped being able to function normally. The physical tiredness was extreme and I was unable to sleep during the night. It was as something had taken over my body and begun to destroy everything. The symptoms, at a certain point were more than 40; each day more problems appeared. And there were no answers for what I had. I consulted the best doctors in Switzerland and nothing was explained to me – however, the body deteriorated day after day, month after month, and the despair, anguish and fear grew.

What did I have? What to do to stop this illness?

Although tired, in panic and exhausted with the fear and agonizing pains, the sleepless nights, the inability to move the body, to eat, to use the eyes to read and having extreme sensitivity to everything that surrounded me, I looked for solutions, I investigated painstakingly for answers, within and outside of myself. I used the knowledge I had acquired during the last 15 years and investigated more, I went deeper. And I rested, I rested a lot. I stopped. I listened once more to my body, my soul. The voice came from a depth so great that I could barely hear it and the voice of fear almost always spoke louder. But my inner strength, my guides, outer and inner, were there, and I did not give up – and slowly the answers began to appear.

Many times, in my worst moments, I would hear an inner voice saying that I would find the steps to healing and share them with others – that was one of the purposes of my illness.

What I had was a mystery illness (or better, symptoms of various mystery illnesses), that is, an illness for which there are no answers on the part of medical science at this time. Thousands of people have the same – illnesses like chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism, Lyme disease, colitis, fibromyalgia, among others – illnesses with medical names but without a cure, at least in traditional and complementary medicine at this time.

But slowly, I began to discover the true reasons why my body had collapsed and manifested so many illnesses in such a short space of time…and listening to the inner and outer wisdom, my body began to heal and I began to discover the health map that was being drawn at every step that was taken, without understanding in totality the complexity and at the same time the simplicity of this map.

3 years after theinitiall symptoms and diagnoses I thought I had it all figured out and was certain the cure was near … but something else happened – a nerve in my back which had been injured at birth (responsible for the movement of my right arm), was damaged again and I this time I became semi paralysed in that arm. That was the most difficult part of the whole journey at that point. The limitations of the body were too many for me to handle it on my own and I needed external help to do the most simple things we take for granted.

It was humbling to understand how little I know about my body and health in general. And I was upset at myself –  why didn’t I see this coming? Why did I not treat the body more gently? So many questions arose and so much anger towards myself – and a lot more purification to be done. And so I continued the learning process of taking good and gentle care of myself, accepting the perceived mistakes of the past (mine and others’) and finding the strength and curiosity to move forward and find balance in the body.

And today, 6 years after the initial symptoms manifested, and although not totally cured, I know that healing is possible, freedom is possible and I’m more equipped to deal with physical symptoms that might not be so pleasant. The healing journey is a long one (in my case) and no judgments should be made – it is what it is; health and disease, as with many other things in life, are still very much a mystery to many of us (at least to me!)

But what I know is that I gathered many tools and guidelines of how to help the body  prevent disease and to go through a long term disease gracefully. And it is possible for the body to regain its natural state of balance, harmony and joy.

In a world of constant change and stress, if we can maintain a healthy relationship with our body and maintain healthy habits, it is easier to deepen our connection to the inexhaustible source of happiness, health and inspiration that resides within us.

I learnt that illnesses can be callings to become more real, to live more satisfactory lives with more love, joy and happiness. The answers are inside of us – and with some external tools we can become more receptive to listening to those internal answers. What we eat, our life-style and our attitude towards life greatly alter our biological chemistry, helping the body to cure itself or not.

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