Dr Tung's Rejuv for Gums

Dr Tung's Rejuv for Gums

Dr Tung's

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Revitalizes, soothes, & conditions gums. With 24 herbs and botanicals in an organic sesame oil base. Authentic Ayurvedic formula.

REJUV™ for gums is a 100% herbal oral pain reliever and gum conditioner. A time-tested remedy of 24 plants and herbs used for healing and strengthening the gums, it is recommended for a whole range of oral conditions from receding gums, oral pain, swollen gums, swelling of gums and bleeding gums, to dry mouth. Some people have even said that it helped tighten loose teeth - REJUV™ can be used for all gingival conditions.

 Some of its plants and botanicals - like cassia and ficus bengalensis - have an astringent quality, said to be most useful for healing gum tissue. And research indicates that the sesame oil base (which soothes and nourishes, helps the herbs revitalize the gums and alleviate dry mouth conditions) has antimicrobial effects on the subgingival plaque. In doing its healing, REJUV™ for gums also removes bacteria from the oral cavity, leaving the mouth fresh and revitalized.

Using the whole part plant or herb provides an efficacious, nourishing, and balanced medicinal oil with all the traditional healing properties of the herbs themselves, such as astringent herbs to enhance cellular secretions, sweet and tonic herbs to nourish and strengthen the tissues. The oil acts as a carrier for the rejuvenating or strengthening effect of the herbs and is absorbed by oral tissue. REJUV™ for gums contains no alcohol, sugars, artificial aromas or artificial preservatives.

Directions: REJUV™ for gums is easy to use and comes in a glass bottle with a  dropper. Any of the following methods may be used:

  1. Place a few drops on a clean finger and massage gums gently for 30–45 seconds. This allows oil to be absorbed by the gum tissue and has the added benefit of stimulating circulation.
  2. Swish 8-10 drops in the mouth for 30–45 seconds.
  3. Use a clean finger (or cover the finger with a disposable protector) and massage gums gently with a few drops of oil.

Use 2-4x a day for best results.

ORGANIC AND WILD HARVESTED INGREDIENTS:  Sesame oil (organic), acacia nilotica*, ficus religiosa*, wild Himalayan cherry*, cardamom extract (organic), banyan tree, acacia catechu*, lodh tree*, Indian madder*, eagle wood*, Indian gall-nut*, Indian gooseberry, gmelina arborea*, long-leaved pine*, spikenard*, stone flowers, sandalwood*, woodfordia fruticosa*, deodar*, licorice*, clove*, lotus seed, lemongrass, turmeric, nutgrass, nutmeg, cinnamon, camphor.   

* Wild Harvested.

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