Essential Oil EMF Protection Pouches

Living Libations

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Our awesome EMF Protection Pouches shield your favourite Living Libations' essential oil blends from electromagnetic radiation.

Just as our bodies may be impacted by electro-pollution, the vibrational energy of essential oils can be compromised when exposed to electromagnetic fields. Each precious pouch is handcrafted with vintage denim in indigo blues on the outside and is lined with advanced RF shielding fabric comprised of 70% bamboo fibre and 30% pure silver threading.

Living Libations Essential Oil EMF Protection Pouches are the perfect pouch to shield your essential oils from electromagnetic radiation while travelling.

The Fastest Vibrational Frequencies on Earth

Essential oils maintain one of the fastest-spinning vibrational frequencies of any compound on earth. Purely distilled plant essences exude unique bio-energies that determine their aromatic gifts. The pouch protects this vibrational spin.

EMF Large Bag size is approx. 14 x 23 cm (5.5 x 9 inches).

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