Nasya Oil - Ayurvedic Nasal Oil - 10 ml

Nasya Oil - Ayurvedic Nasal Oil - 10 ml

Maharishi Ayurveda

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High-quality herbal oil for the care of the nasal mucosa

  • Based on sesame oil
  • Combination of herbs, oils & spices
  • Suitable for daily use

Ayurvedic nasal oil nourishes the skin and prevents the nose from feeling dry. Two to three drops daily should be used according to Ayurveda.

According to Ayurveda, Nasya should be a regular part of the Ayurvedic routine and can be performed several times a day. 

The benefits are many:

  • Soothes and moisturises the nostrils
  • Protects nostrils from drying up
  • Relives sinus congestion
  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • Releases tension in the head and calms the nervous system

Use: Place a drop of Nasya Oil on the little finger and carefully insert it into the nostril. Massage gently. You can do this up to 3 times in each nostril. Be sure your nails are cut short - the skin of the nostrils is very delicate.

Ingredients: Oleum sesami, Caprae Lac (Goat's Milk), Nelumbium speciosum, Rubia cordifolila, Santalum album, Cinnamomum tamala, Berberis aristata, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Adhatoda vasica, Elettaria cardamomum, Embelia ribes, Aegle marmelos, Pavonia odorata, Vetiveria zizanioides, Cyperus rotundus, Hemidesmus indicus, Desmodium gangeticum, Leptadinia reticulata, Uraria picta, Cedrus deodara, Asparagus racemosus, Vitex agnus-castus, Solanum xanthocarpum, Salmalia malabarica, Cyperus scariosus, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Nymphaea stellata, Curcuma longa.

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