Organic Nettle Powder 160g

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Stinging nettle is a superfood whose nutrients can be found in concentrated form in this dried nettle powder. 100 g of the powder contain 530 g of fresh nettle.

Nettles are gentle enough for everyday use and powerful enough to heal damaged tissues. It is a precious natural source of many nutrients and an ideal means to enrich and enhance foods and drinks. 

Beautifying properties of Nettle: 

Promotes glossy think vibrant hair, healthy, hard nails and clear lustrous smooth skin. It's great to help with hair fall, as it promotes new growth. It also helps remove fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp, nails and skin, including acne.

Of course, this will only be achieved if you follow a diet of simple clean and nourishing food, along with other healthy habits. 

In the words of wise herbalist Susun Weed:

'Use nettles as an everyday nourished, an energetic changer, a marvellous kidney and adrenal ally, a digestive restorative, a respiratory strengthened, an ally for women, a hair and skin nourished and a prompt hemostatic (stops hemorrhage).

Frequent use of nourishing nettle is recommended for those wanting to stabilise blood sugar, reset metabolic circuits to normalise weight, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, restore adrenal potency to lessen allergic and menopausal problems, and eliminate chronic headaches. nettle is also a powerful preventive for those with hereditary susceptibility to rheumatic complaints.'

Ingredients: 100 % nettle leaf powder (from controlled organic farming)

Suggested use: Raab Organic Nettle Powder has many culinary uses, e.g. for green smoothies, vegetable juices, salad dressings, soups etc. 

My preferred way of using nettle powder is by soaking 1 tsp of the powder overnight and drink it in the morning with lemon juice or blended in my morning smoothie or juice. It can also be added to soups and stews. By soaking overnight, the nutrients of the plant are infused gently in the water and thus absorption of the nutrients is increased. I also blend nettle powder with water (without soaking) and enjoy it pure or with lemon juice. It's a wonderful and easy to make, substitute for green juice. 

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