Duftprobenset Parfum de Poche

Duftprobenset Parfum de Poche

Florascent Parfumeurs

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Die Duftproben zu unseren Taschenparfums - Parfum de Poche.

Fünf Düfte, inspiriert durch fünf bezaubernde Städte. Cannes, Capri, Granada, Kyoto und Fes.

In der Tradition der europäischen Parfumeurskunst des 17. Jahrhunderts präsentiert die Florascent Duftmanufaktur unter dem Namen «Florascent Parfumeurs» eine Kollektion edler Naturparfums. Dieser Tradition verpflichtet, verarbeiten wir in unserer Manufaktur nur kostbarste, natürliche Essenzen, die den Kompositionen ihren unverwechselbaren Charakter verleihen.

5 Duftproben à 0.5 ml

Florascent Parfumeur - Luxury Natural Perfumes
The extraordinary collection of natural perfumes by Florascent Parfumeurs revives the 17th-century tradition of the European art of perfumery.

Florascent uses only the purest flower essences and specially produced aromatic plant extracts according to this tradition.

Conservative distillation and extraction techniques are used to obtain the natural, pure and unmistakable aura of the ingredients.

The fragrance creations of master perfumer Roland Tentunian are the result of a decades-long experience as a perfumer and his vast knowledge of natural fragrances.  

Thanks to his artistic sensitivity, craftsmanship and technical skills, a dream has come true: the creation of a unique perfume line according to the traditional 17th-century art of perfuming.

Each bottle is hand-filled and hand-sealed and packaged in a stylish paper box.

A reminder of the Belle Époque and the seduction of your senses, in an enchanting world of delectable scents, of beauty and elegance.

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