Organic Spermidine from Wheat Germ Extract Capsules (Bio Spermidin Weizenkeim Extrakt)

Raab VitalFood

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  • Organic wheat germ powder with standardized spermidine content (5 mg per serving)
  • Only the valuable germ of the wheat grain is used, which is only a tiny part of the ripe grain
  • Defatted to prevent the oils in wheat germ from going rancid
  • High dosage - 5mg per serving
  • Wheatgerms are opened up by careful grinding
  • Organic wheat germ grown in Germany and Europe

Benefits of Raab Vitalfood Spermidine

BEAUTY - Promotes healthy hair growth and fullness, including eyelashes and eyebrows. Excellent for nail health, growth and strength. Promotes smoother skin and well-balanced even skin tone.

SLEEP -  Helps with resetting the circadian rhythm, promoting a deeper, sounder sleep

LONGEVITY - Supports the healthy function of the brain and the cardiovascular system. Improves memory, cognition. Increases autophagy, which declines with age, and promotes cellular renewal and a decrease in inflammation. 

Spermidine is a game-changing nutrient that slows the ageing process via cellular clean-up and renewal. Over 13,000 scientific studies on the subject back up these substantive claims.

Note for Celiacs: Spermidine contains concentrated wheat germ and is not suitable for individuals with Celiac disease or severe wheat allergy. 

Personal note: I'm gluten intolerant, and my experience with Spermidine has been wonderful so far. Although I have been eating a gluten-free diet for several years, I had no problem incorporating Spermidine in my diet. My body accepted it very well and actually craves it now. It's best to introduce it slowly if there is a previous problem with wheat. This is only my personal experience and it's not medical advice.

Raab Organic Spermidine exclusively contains high-quality organic wheat germ powder with a standardized spermidine content (5 mg per serving). Only the valuable germ of the wheat grain, which makes up only a tiny part of the ripe grain, is used for the powder. The germ is carefully separated from the grain and then gently grounded and pressed, i.e. deoiled. As a result, valuable ingredients such as spermidine are concentrated. The wheat germ is opened up by gentle, fine grinding. Every cell in the human body also contains spermidine, but the content decreases with age.

160 g powder / 100capsules (60g)

Ingredients: Wheat germ powder, partially de-oiled (from controlled organic farming)

Recommended intake: Powder - Stir two heaped measuring spoons (10 g) into a smoothie, shake, porridge or cereal for breakfast. Capsules - 1 per day with each meal. 

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