Roll On Face and Body Sculptor (Rose Quartz) - Ethically Sourced

Roll On Jade

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BENEFITS OF MASSAGE: Massaging with a double-headed Roll-On V allows
real sculpting and reshaping massage of the face and body, in particular, the cheekbones and arms and other parts of the body in need of help toning and firming.

Also useful for parts of the body you cant easily access with your hands. Extremely convenient for at-home self-massage.

  • Excellent to drain lymph and eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation,
  • It increases the absorption of serums
  • Relaxes muscles, helping to melt away any tension. 
  • Stimulate collagen production, fighting against sagging and skin aging.
  • BENEFITS OF ROSE QUARTZ: Associated with feminity, sweetness, grace, balance and love for oneself and others. Rose quartz also helps soothe dehydrated skin and fade scars.

CLEANING: Before first use and every 2-3 days. Clean with
clean water and soap the parts in contact with the skin. Let it dry and return to its case.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After cleansing your skin, apply your usual serum/cream and
massage for 1-5 minutes, morning and/or evening.

DIMENSIONS AND COMPOSITION: 16 x 6cm - Anti oxidant, anti-allergenic zinc alloy and rose sustainably sourced rose quartz.

IMPORTANT: 100% natural stones (not chemically treated)
ethically sourced in Brazil. 

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