Roll On Jade - Sustainably Sourced

THE SECRETS OF CREATION - Made from 100% natural stones, not chemically treated, ethically sourced in Brazil.

The Roll On Jade® brand, based and created in Paris, is a very nice family story, it all started at the end of 2017, Melody has been passionate about Lithotherapy for many years and was following a course in Traditional Chinese Medicine, through which she discovered all the beauty tools and facial and body massage. She then entered the world of Inside Out energised beauty and took her mother along in the adventure. It's a real love story ready to be shared with as many people as possible through this beautiful brand Roll On Jade®... Today Roll On Jade® is the French reference brand specialising in innovative energised beauty combining Asian beauty techniques with the energy of crystals. We want to bring beauty and well-being to the world, inside and outside, through our high quality products.




A word from the Founder, Melody: "I have always loved discovering and sharing with my friends and family natural beauty tips, sometimes forgotten for centuries, which were nevertheless essential thousands of years ago. I also had the chance to attend a famous school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Paris and I have always been passionate about lithotherapy. That's how I simply fell into the pot and discovered these jewels of Asian beauty, the real gestures associated in practice and their real benefits, still very little known in the West. All this associated with the energetic values of the stones, which for me, was essential to the ancestral beauty tool (originally made of Jade stone). It was for me a real evidence to create this brand, to bring these finally very innovative products in France, because, when we started the adventure 4 years ago, there was still, no other concept like this one and we had to completely train and inform around us. We wanted to offer very high quality adapted products that would allow you to take care of your skin naturally and easily from home. It was important to us that it was within the reach of everyone but at the same time of the highest quality, naturally. Today's world is constantly running out of time. Our goal is not to stop it, but simply to put it to good use for everyone, by allowing you to form a wellness bubble for a few minutes a day, to become aware of your true inner and outer beauty and to take care of it, even for a few minutes a day..."