WHAMISA - Korean natural cosmetics in organic quality

WHAMISA is an innovative, Korean skin care brand that sets new standards in face and body care with its certified natural cosmetics.

It focuses on preserving the benefits of natural ingredients by making the products with a unique fermentation technology.

WHAMISA - The meaning

WHA 花 means "flower", MI 美 stands for "beauty" and SA 四 stands for the number "4". It symbolizes the basis of our products: roots, seeds, flowers and fruits.


Fermented organic cosmetics


The fermentation technology splits the active ingredients into fine molecules and penetrates deeper into the skin layers than with conventional cosmetic products. The result: the products are probiotic and therefore particularly well-tolerated and are much better absorbed by the skin.

The substances contain no preservatives or artificial dyes or fragrances. WHAMISA focuses on the fermentation of high-quality biological extracts from flowers, fruits, seeds and roots.

Research and Development


Thanks to 10 years of research and development, the WHAMISA brand is a pioneer in natural preservation, fermentation and cosmetics without the addition of water.

Innovative anhydrous formula


As a basis, no distilled water is used, but aloe vera extract.

Controlled natural cosmetics


All WHAMISA products are certified according to the BDIH Organic Standard and have also been awarded the EWG seal and various prizes.