Best Skincare routine for the Summer months (dry climate)

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I am very discerning about the food I eat and the products that I use on my body because anything that we apply to our skin goes directly into our bloodstream and I don't want chemicals, perfumes, alcohol and lab produced ingredients in my bloodstream.

In this video, I share my favourite Summer skincare routine using Living Libations products.

These products brought simplicity, true beauty and aromatic pleasure into my skincare routine while at the same time uplifting my spirits when I was going through a difficult phase (essential oils are amazing for emotional support and Living Libations products are created with the best oils and essential oils I've ever come across).

If you're not able to watch the video now, you can go directly to the products' links below.



Products mentioned in the video

Rose & Frankincense renewal Firming Fluid

Best Skin Ever Cleanser/Moisturiser - Rose

Rose Complexion Mist

Open Sky Eye Serum

Chocolate Karat Serum

Everybody Loves the Sunshine with Zinc


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