5 Ways to Make Your Skincare Ritual a Moment of Self-Connection

How to make your skincare ritual a moment of self connection


How does your skincare routine become a moment of self-connection? It comes down to two things: Slow down. And: Come to your senses. It is actually very simple. Simple, but not easy – and this is why the opportunity for true self-connection often slips through. We get into a routine that is more focused on the exterior (how does my skin look?). We forget about the depth of beauty. That’s why the whole idea of self-connection through skincare often remains just that: a very beautiful idea. So let’s talk a bit about how to make it real.


  1. Deep inhale, then exhale twice as long, do that three times. This is best done with the first product of your routine, the cleanser – or in the morning, with a serum or oil. Put it on your palms, and then cup your face with your hands. Deep inhale, exhale twice as long, and repeat three times. The Oil Cleansers are wonderful for this moment, even if you just add them as a first step to rewind. We slow down, and then we really come to our senses. Usually, we might notice the beautiful scent of our products and enjoy it, but it is this extra step of deepening your breath, slowing it down, and lengthening the exhale that will shift the system into a relaxation response. A sigh might come with the exhale. You might feel your shoulders melt down. Tension drops. Feel that. Really allow yourself to arrive here, now.


  1. Become present to your hands. The shift that is happening is one from an outside focus to an inside experience. How do we get there? Through the senses. We’ve started with scent. Now let’s fully go to touch. Sense your hands on your face, and your face under your hands. Massage gently, and use your ring finger to apply the product onto the delicate skin around the eyes. Massage your brows, your temples, and around your ears. Breathe, and feel your breath deep down in your belly area.


  1. Anoint your body. A lot of skincare routines evolve around the face. When it comes to self-connection, we want to involve the whole body. Use a lotion or oil all over your body, even if it is just a few deliciously scented drops. Really feel your hands on your self, with gentle pressure, holding your arms, your legs, your shoulders. Include your feet. We tend to care for the face more than for the rest of our body: yet that is our home. If you want to take more time, be devoted to your sensual places, and delve into the pleasure of using precious potions: Living Libations makes a wonderful Breast Massage Oil and different very lovely Yoni Serums.


  1. Make your bathroom shelf a place of beauty. The little potions, glass jars, colourful oils and serums are in itself already pretty. You can add to this though, and really make your bathroom a space of ritual. This could be adding a plant, gemstones, fresh or dried flowers – whatever sparks your sense of beauty, ritual, and celebration. It will remind you to self-connect.


  1. Be with an intention. This one is a little more far-out but beautiful: have one word with you while doing your ritual – an intention, something you hold dear, an orientation, or a value. Say it to yourself internally, let it drop into you, and let its echo move you – like a thrown pebble makes waves in a lake.


You might find that you have the perfect products for this. You might find that you want to add one or more to your routine, especially when it comes to the powerful role of aromas and textures.


Hopefully, these suggestions inspire you to find even more enjoyment in your beauty ritual. A way to connect to your body, your temple, and the skin that envelops this miraculous self-healing machine.