About Me & How the Radiant Beauty Shop started

 I'm Claudia Sa (most people call me Ilanta), founder of Radiant Beauty Shop.

I discovered my passion for helping people make clean conscious lifestyle choices while going through a health crisis in the year 2000. While I had been working with natural cosmetics, herbs and essential oils since my teenage years for personal use, it was only after my health crisis that I started to delve deeper into the studies of holistic nutrition, detox protocols, superfoods, supplementation, aromatherapy, breathing techniques and meditation, all of which have been crucial for my own healing process.
While studying, and researching I also worked with countless clients and founded my first herbal company in Switzerland in 2007 and worked as a consultant in the superfood/supplements industry.
Although I was working mostly with plant-based nutrition, supplements, superfoods, and detoxification - I never forgot my passion for natural cosmetics and in 2019 I founded the Radiant Beauty Shop.
I love searching for outstanding natural beauty products that are not only beautifying for our skin and hair but also help the healing process of our bodies.
The skin, our largest organ of elimination and protection from the outside world, is a living, breathing, communicating, and regenerating tissue.
This fascinating organ is oftentimes disturbed when regularly exposed to harsh water, foaming cleansers, synthetic-based creams, excessive exfoliation, lack of hydration - creating an ongoing and health deficit of missing healthy microbes, inflammation, abnormal cells, and the easy entrance of toxins.
The Radiant Beauty Shop was created with the aim of offering the best quality natural products that offer real results without sacrificing our skin, our health, and our planet.
Beauty routines can be fun, pleasant, - and effective in maintaining healthy skin.
All the products you see in the shop are based on pure organic oils, essential oils and a few other natural ingredients. No unnecessary bulking agents, no chemicals, no tap water no added alcohol, no added glycerine, nothing that could be detrimental to your skin. 95% of the products are vegan - the exceptions are a little bit of sustainably harvested beeswax and honey in a few products. No dairy, or animal flesh.
And these natural ingredients help the mind and emotions too because the natural aromas from the essential oils are masterfully crafted not only to benefit your physical body and skin but to give you emotional and mental support.
Radiant Beauty Shop not only revolves around my own personal healing journey but also honours and credits all of the authentic people who devote their lives to cultivating, harvesting, gently processing the purest plants and creating outstanding quality products for our enjoyment, while respecting and honouring our mother, the Earth.
I truly believe we are all beautiful, and as engage with the natural world and embrace and celebrate our own unique beauty, we become better humans – more confident, balanced, and joyful.
I'm very passionate about sustainable living in general and healing beauty products, and it's a privilege to be able to share with you these superb authentic, unadulterated beauty care products.
For the last 2 decades, I have been travelling and volunteering part-time or full time for several humanitarian organizations, working in the kitchen and marketing departments of meditation communities and detox retreat centres Europe-wide. I'm passionate about sharing the benefits of conscious living and how it affects our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
I have formal education and certifications as an Aesthetician (1991), Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (2001), Raw Food Coach (2010), Raw Food Chef (2013), Advanced Aromatherapist with David Crow, LAc (2015) and Breath Coach (2021). I also hold a degree in Marketing and Public Relations (1998). But most of all I listen to my inner wisdom and the wisdom of the natural world around me to guide me in everything I do in life.
Other passions in my life are eco-conscious commerce, herbalism, a wholesome plant-based diet, growing my own food, yoga, breath, meditation, and conscious spirituality.