Helichrysum (Immortelle) Skin Care Uses and Benefits

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Helichrysum, or Immortelle, is a beloved ingredient in the natural skin care world and is gentle enough for even those of us with sensitive skin, making it an accessible ingredient for all skin types. It aids in cell regeneration and is used as a skin tonic for fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, scars, stretch marks, melasma, acne, bruises and to even the appearance of skin tone and texture.

What is helichrysum?

Helichrysum, or Immortelle, comes from a flowering plant in the daisy family, Helichrysum italicum.

The word helichrysum comes from the Greek word helios, or sun, and chrysos, or gold—in reference to the golden yellow flowers of the plant. Immortelle, is also a name in reference to the flowers, which blossom for a long period of time.

The Helichrysum plant commonly grows in the Mediterranean, in particular in Croatia and other countries of ex Yugoslavia, and on the island of Corsica, France. 

Skin care uses and benefits

The oil that may be aromatherapy's most easily recognisable success story. Its undisputed ability to heal skin tissue steadily, along with its extreme gentleness and high efficacy makes Immortelle essential oil a favourite amongst essential oil users and formulators of skin care products. There is hardly a better wound healer and antiaging agent than this oil. 

According to aromatherapist and Ph.D., Kurt Schnaulbelt, Immortelle is extremely useful after surgery for reducing hematomas, improving healing, preventing cheloid scars, reducing lymphatic oedemas, and preventing fibrous bands in abdominal surgeries. 

Psychologically speaking, it soothes the soul's 'bruises', and helps with emotional shocks. 

Sun exposure

Stocked full of antioxidants, this oil can also help protect against environmental stressors. Antioxidants help revive the skin to its full radiance by working their magic on the appearance of dark spots caused by sun damage.

This oil is ideal for taking care of sun exposed skin, as it is incredibly soothing and rejuvenating.

You can find Immortelle in many of Living Libations products, and it's one of the main ingredients in the Best Skin Ever Immortelle and Everybody Loves the Sunshine and is also featured in the Chocolate Karat Serum, Dew Dab Spot Treatment and the delightful Love Wine Culinary Elixir, amongst several others. 

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