Be Your Breasts’ Best Friend

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At the heart of basic breast care is real food, hydration, sunshine, an upright posture, and being sure your skin drinks in bodycare that is brimming with botanical medicine.


Breast-health solutions include stimulating the lymph, strengthening breast tissue, and feeding breast receptors the right genetic information. This means we need to step away from the cosmetics, chemicals, and toxic metals that unlock secondary cell mutations, and bring in the intelligent active ingredients abundant in nature.


Breasts contain an abundance of lymph vessels that support the circulatory system in maintaining proper fluid balance and carrying away intracellular waste. The health of our lymphatic system is intimately connected to our breast health. Lymph flow can be obstructed by poor posture, lack of exercise, shallow breathing, and tight neck, shoulder, chest, and back muscles.


Massaging our way to healthy breast tissue is a simple strategy. A relaxed breast massage with our Breast Massage Oil gives your breasts some breathing space. This massage oil blessed by Broccoli seed, Cumin seed, Calendula, Saint John’s Wort blossom, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Rose Otto, Laurel, Cypress, Yarrow, Ylang, and Chamomile working synergistically to dissolve accumulation, flow the fluids and enhance the skin. Be sure to massage inward and upward to stimulate lymphatic drainage, release excess estrogen, firm connective tissue, and enhance elasticity.



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