HAPPY BELLY Powder: De-bloat + Boost Metabolism

Anima Mundi

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Digestive Aid | Botanical Digestive Enzyme Booster | Belly Detox 

We live in a world where there is an abundance of bad fats within the marketplace. And they make it through into our life unperceived and in the most unexpected ways. Oftentimes the oils we buy at grocery stores are rancid, heated at high temperatures where their nutrient density is destroyed, or are simply refined or saturated fats. Over time this can tax our liver and cause a bunch of common side effects such as bloating, gas, allergies, stagnation, backed-up metabolism and more. 

Anima Mundi designed this formula with the intention to help assist fat breakdown, boost healthy digestion, detox and boost metabolism. 

Key Benefits:

+ Can help de-bloat.*

+ Carminative, reduces the formation of gas.*

+ Anti-inflammatory.* 

+ May increase circulation.*

+ May act as a detox aid.*

+ May help with fat metabolism.*

+ Can help alkalize the body.* 

+ May be up-lifting.

Note: One of the ingredients, Cha de Bugre, has some caffeine in it. Do not take it after dinner, if you're sensitive to caffeine. 

*   These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.



Cranberry Juice Extract Powder*, Garcinia cambogia extract powder, Mangoosten fruit ^, Mangoosten peel, Cha de Bugre^ leaf, Ginger, Hibiscus*

*Organic / ^Wildcrafted

4.5oz / 128g fine powder per jar.

34 servings (using 1.5 tsp per serving) per container.

Suggested Use: 

We recommend consuming 1tsp per serving in warm water, or tea. You may also consume in your liquid foods, such as smoothies, juices, etc. Recommended intake is 2x per day 30min before meals. Enjoy for 30 days and adjust the dosage if needed. 

We recommend everyone listen to their body intuitively; follow the dosage that resonates the most with you.

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