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All Seeing Eye Crème is a rich, luxurious eye cream that effortlessly sinks into the skin to nourish the tender skin around the eyes. The eye cream softens lines and wrinkles while deeply hydrating and soothing the skin around the eyes.


  • softening lines and wrinkles
  • calming and nourishing the tender skin around the eye
  • reducing puffiness and dark circles
  • deep hydration and soothing of the skin around the eyes

TEXTURE: A rich yet lightweight cream made by mixing herb-infused jojoba, tamanu, shea, borage, and avocado oils with refreshing rosewater and aloe vera. We then infuse this mixture with an entire palette of nourishing herbal essences to soothe and infuse the delicate skin around the eyes.


  • Gently pat onto the skin surrounding the eye area. It is perfect to wear under make-up.
  • For a super-silky treat combine a small amount of All SeeingEye Crème with a drop of Open Sky Eye Serum to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wake up feeling renewed.
  • All Seeing Eye Creme can dually work as a rich facial moisturizer for very dry skin.

FULL LIST OF ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Aloe Vera, Rosewater Hydrosol, Golden Jojoba Oil, Tamanu Oil, Avocado Oil, Borage Oil, Shea Butter, Orange Wax, Cape Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Carrot Seed, Frankincense, Rose Otto, Eyebright, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Milky Oat Straw, Rosemary and Sage CO2 Extracts.

Aloe Vera – Juicy aloe vera is a succulent plant that grows in warmer climates. Its gelatinous pulp creates a cooling, soothing balm for the delicate skin around the eyes. Offering perfect levels of hydration to the entire eye area, aloe has plentiful properties that soak into the skin to relax the appearance of redness and puffiness.

Rose Hydrosol – Also referred to as rosewater, it is extracted from the first round of steam distilled rose petals of Rosa damascena in the production of rose otto essential oil. The best rose hydrosol comes from the primary distillation and never, ever has any additional water or alcohol added. 

Golden Jojoba Oil – Golden Jojoba has an unparalleled ability to moisturise the skin, balance oil production, deep clean pores, and create long-lasting conditioning effects that soften thirsty skin. 

Tamanu Oil – Tamanu is said to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars.

Avocado Oil – It is abundant in lipids and is especially suited for softening the appearance of fine lines that can show up in the delicate tissue around the eyes.

Borage Oil – Beautiful blue starflowers blossom from the Borage plant, whose seeds restore moisture and smoothness to the skin. Borage is filled with GLA, an essential fatty acid that is bountiful succulence for the skin.

Shea Butter – Shea butter has been used by African people for centuries both to soften the skin and to shield skin from the elements. Shea butter replenishes the skin while providing deeply moisturising benefits that bring a healthy glow to the entire eye area.

Orange Wax – Extracted from the pressed peels of oranges, it creates a natural emulsifier that enhances the stability of the cream and mixes the ingredients together.

Cape Chamomile Essential Oil – Delicate cape chamomile exudes a beautiful, fine fruity-floral fragrance that is one of our favourite aromas. This rejuvenating essence balances sebum and softens the appearance of scars and spots.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil – The beautiful, blue-hued colour of our All Seeing Eye Crème is thanks to an infusion of Blue Tansy oil. The high azulene content of this oil makes it sublime for skincare. Blue Tansy has a deliciously sweet herbaceous aroma and enhances relaxation while soothing the appearance of red, dry or cracking skin.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil – Carrot seed oil balances oil production, regardless of your skin’s current state. Oily, dry, and combination skin can all benefit from the replenishing power of carrot seed.

Frankincense Essential Oil – Sacred frankincense is the pièce de résistance of skincare! The appearance of skin becomes radiant as it relaxes redness, firms and fortifies all skins. Excellent for reducing the appearance of scars and age spots.

Rose Otto Essential Oil – It takes sixty roses to make a single drop of rose otto essential oil. This elegant and precious essence is a fortifying tonic, adding resilience, elasticity, and moisture to the skin to minimise imbalances and give skin a rosy glow. It reduces the look of scars and spots, and it also smells amazing!

Herbal Infusions in Jojoba Oil:

All of the herbs listed below are known for infusing skin with glamour and shine. Each herb is individually infused with Organic Golden Jojoba Oil. This process enhances the plentiful properties of both the Jojoba and the botanicals. The end result is a herb-infused, readily absorbed, nourishing nectar for your skin.

Eyebright – Known for its affinity for the skin around the eyes.

Lavender – Lovely lavender is a gentle yet powerful skin tonic that is restorative and calming. It relaxes redness and cools heat. Lavender can be used to improve the appearance of scars, even out skin tone, soothe acne, and balance the skin’s sebum levels.

Lemon Balm – Lemon Balm is loved for its fragrant fresh scent. This calm, lemony herb is a balm for dull and dry complexions.

Milky Oat Straw – Prized amongst herbalists for its gentle yet strengthening nature, marvellous milky oat straw is harvested when oat tops are filled with white milky fluid (before they become “oats”) and are highly nutritive. This gentle restorative herb is a delight for depleted, dry skin types. This herb is gluten-free.

Rosemary and Sage Supercritical Extracts (CO2) –These potent and pure nectars contain hundreds of plant bio-actives and antioxidants that extend the life of this cream by slowing the oxidation process. 

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