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If a walk in the woods could be captured in cologne, this is it! Trees Please Forest Cologne is a fertile-fresh fragrance that evokes an early morning forest walk, where sunlight rests upon the dew-soaked needles of ancient evergreen trees.

Immerse yourself in a fortified fragrant forest with each inhalation of Trees Please Forest Cologne.  

Step into the depths of the forest with each breath of Trees Please Forest Cologne. This joyous coniferous cologne opens the chest to a world of serene strength and festivity.

Use: Spritz on the neck, pulse points, or hair. This permeating scent can also be used as an uplifting room freshener and home spray to give a forest blessing to your day.

Organic Ingredients: Picea mariana (Black Spruce), Abies grandis (Grand Fir), Pseudotsuga menziesi (Douglas Fir), Abies alba (Silver Fir), Cedrus atlantica Cedarwood), Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver), Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli), Santalum album (sandalwood), Citrus bergamia (Bergamot), Organic Biodynamic Alcohol.

Organic Biodynamic Alcohol
– Our bio-dynamically grown, organic, 190 proof neutral grape alcohol is filtered in three stages to assure the highest level of purity. Furthermore, it is tested by an independent lab to insure that this organic spirit is pharmaceutical grade and meets United States Pharmacopeia standards.

Black Spruce – Mild, gentle spruce is invigorating and stimulating. It’s fresh, clean, woodsy scent lifts the spirits, alleviates fatigue, and opens communication with the magic around you. Spruce promotes a balanced sense of clarity, which in turn makes you more comfortable in your own skin.

Grand Fir – Grand fir inspires holiday cheer any time of year with its rich, coniferous aroma: the nostalgic scent of winter pine dancing with subtle hints of citrus. This essence deepens the breath, breaks through emotional blockages, and dissipates depression.

Douglas Fir – Perfectly purifying and soothing, Douglas fir revitalises mind and body with a burst of fresh, cool mountain air. The strength and longevity of the Douglas fir tree fortifies our Trees Please blend with power and dignity.

Silver Fir – Our Silver fir oil infuses this blend with a perfect pinch of playful, wintery starlight. Also a potent antidepressant.

Cedar – Warm, woodsy cedar is fantastically calming and grounding. A deep, lasting fragrance with subtle hints of sweetness, cedar is known to assist in the decision-making process, alleviate stress, and temper extreme emotions.

Vetiver – Vetiver is smoky and spicy, with vibrant notes of herbs, wood and earth. This essence revitalises the mind while stabilising erratic emotions and regenerating the spirit.

Patchouli – Rich, musky patchouli is a powerful aphrodisiac, animating the senses with notes of spice and balsam. The call for “peace, love and understanding” may very well have been answered with patchouli.

Sandalwood – Soothing sandalwood introduces undertones of warm honey and rich syrup to our Trees Please blend. Sandalwood alleviates stress, lifts depression, and encourages an open mind.

Bergamot – Beautiful bergamot infuses this blend with fresh, fragrant citrus. Bergamot promotes happiness and well-being by easing anxiety and lifting the cloud of depression.

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