Vintage Towel Kit Bags

Radiant Beauty

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Our Vintage Towel Kit Bags are a beautiful way of organizing and travelling with your aromatic treasures. Each bag is hand-sewn with carefully selected, upcycled vintage towels, lined with vibrant vintage sheets, and sturdy zippers in an array of greens, pinks, blues, oranges, and purples.

Every bag is a unique treasure, and we love to do our best to match up your new hand-sewn bag to your favourite colours, so please specify in the comments section of your order if you prefer greens, pinks, blues, oranges, or purples.

These handy dandy bags can be washed in a gentle cycle in cold water and dried on low heat when needed.

Our Vintage Towel Bags are offered in two sizes:

  • Small Bag fits about seven Libations.
  • Medium Bag fits about twelve Libations.

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